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Our average price has increased through the development of the Breitling watches collection

Le 11 mars 2014, 07:39 dans Humeurs 0

Breitling has teamed up with their family sibling, ETA, to produce a new movement for a range of budget-minded automatic watches. The new range has been dubbed the Breitling Luxury Automatic and will include both ladies' and gents' models with an option for COSC certification. With pricing that falls squarely between stiff competition from Breitling above, do these new Breitling models have what it takes to be a hit with casual buyers?

Putting the rather flavorless naming aside, the technology here is actually noteworthy as ETA has created a new caliber that boasts a considerable 80 hour power reserve. The new Breitling, is an automatic three-hander with a date complication that, as previously mentioned, is capable of Breitling accuracy. The 80 hour power reserve is notable because the movement is being fitted to watches with a starting low price.

The watches are conservative and should work well as a good option for day to day wear, with styling that is similar to some of the sportier options within the Breitling line. The men's line is 41mm wide and will be just 9. 75mm thick, indicating that this new ETA caliber is fairly thin. Breitling has also included a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and the water resistance is a reasonable 50m. Buyers will be able to choose between a few different dial designs, a leather strap or hublot replica swiss, a PVD two-tone finish and even a diamond-clad dial can be optioned within the COSC range.

Breitling has stepped up and made an attractive line of watches backed by a practical movement and a price point that should appeal to a lot of buyers. Yes, the styling could be described as somewhat bland, but the Breitling Luxury Automatic was likely not designed to push any envelopes, opting instead to seek as wide an audience as possible. I rather like the look of the black dialed model seen above and the optional COSC certification makes for a very attractive value proposition for an nice looking and straightforward automatic watch. Hopefully this new line will be successful and we will see the Breitling expand into other models.

Putting the rather flavorless naming aside into all Breitling watches

Le 11 mars 2014, 07:38 dans Humeurs 0

Why not provide the retail prices? Today with the internet all the information moves around the world in less than one second. Breitling any request on a web search engine and you’ll get the price of most of the existing fake breitling watches. Different professional web portals or mobile applications provide retail prices. PDR has been the 1st brand to do it through its own website and our partners appreciate it a lot. We are transparent and in a similar way, we have never said that we are a manufacture!

We sell between 200 and 250 watches/year. But if this number has been pretty stable for two to three years, our average price has increased through the development of the Breitling collection among others. We aim to double the production within the next few years by following the strategy we have redesigned (see point 2 above). We are not keen on “nuclear plant” complications, due to the fact that, based on the family background and its 112 years of experience, we consider the reliability and the after sales service as essential. To make a talking piece is nice for communication.

But to make it work and to be able to service it within the next 20 years is another story. And we want to be able to write this story! If you look at our 2012 catalogue, you will read several times “Genetically”; PDR makes watches based on the skills and the experience of a fourth generation family story. Nevertheless we always push for making evolution in Rolex Day-Date replica, in the use of materials and in design. Rolex is a benchmark in the development and manufacturing processes. But as far as we are talking about developing new complications or the aesthetic of our watches, we have other benchmarks.

In 9 years (including 2013), starting from a scratch, we have developed 12 different complicated mechanisms with useful and/or fun complications (such as the Breitling). Proportionally speaking, we are probably one of the most creative brands. And all these complications have been developed exclusively for us. This differentiation is our strongest Breitling. Finally, after ten years Breitling, remains 100% independent, which is also very important.

I would like that your readers look at our watches through another unusual eye! The PDR story is also the story of a couple. Breitling shared the same values for more than 30 years. We share the same passion for the sport and we've worked together for about nine years. I think that the Breitling watches reflect this alchemy, balancing between power and femininity, technic and emotion.